Jack Brandt is a leading expert in channel development for organizations addressing the SMB. He has helped numerous organizations develop online sales channels for their Internet/cloud based services as an advisor and an individual contributor in domains, web hosting, cloud services, and local & hyperlocal search. He as worked directly with hosters, telcos, cablecos, YP’s and drectories, both on and offline to help achieve their goals. Jack Brandt is currently President of Mixed Media Ventures, LLC, and continues to help channel organizations better serve and market to their customers and clients.
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The repurposing of dead companies
April 28, 2009 Jack eCommerce eTailing General Small Business Marketing and Advertising Retail Small Business

Several box box brands are trying to make a comeback, it seems.  They may not be brick & mortar, but looks like they will be online brands only.  That isn’t such a bad thing, given their brick & mortar model failed.  It looks like stronger online brands or private equity organizations are trying to pick up the peices and take advantage of names such as Linens and Things, and Circuit City.  To me this makes sense.  Even though Circuit City, for instance, went out of business recently, their trademark and domain name were just acquired by Systemax, Inc. a direct seller of PCs and other equipment.  I did a quick search on compete.com for any of the latest circuitcity.com traffic, and found that Circuit City received over 800,000 unique visitors last month.  Not too shabby for a company that is no longer in business.  If Systemax, Inc. can capitalize on this, they may be able to build a seven or eight figure business out of the defunct brand.  An article on CNN Money has a little more on this subject… Take a look here:  http://tinyurl.com/cy3tex

As an FYI, Systemax has also acquired the domain and trademarks for CompUSA, and is reopening stores and reinvigorating the brand as we speak.

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My 2009 “Not to do” list.
December 31, 2008 Jack Blogging eCommerce eTailing General General Small Business Small Business Social Networking Uncategorized

My personal business resolutions for 2009 are as follows.  They are high level and notice they are things I will NOT do.

In 2009 I will NOT:

  • Set unrealistic or unfair expectations of myself. Say, “yes” to everything without first assessing the emotional, professional, personal, karmic ROI.
  • Neglect to quickly give credit to the team.
  • Solely focus on short-term benefits unless it is a pathway to accomplishing long-term goals.
    Get complacent.
  • Count on anything before it is a reality.
  • Forget to network because it often benefits someone other than myself.
  • Stop critically thinking, but refrain from always shooting holes in others’ ideas.
  • Lose sight of the fact that I can replace my job but not my family.
  • Stress!

Reprinted from an email I received in my personal box, but the list struck me as one that I thought most people should ponder as we go into 2009.

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Social media and your business, large or small.
August 10, 2007 Jack eCommerce General Marketing and Advertising Small Business Social Media Social Networking

I know I have been quite for a while. Honestly I really have not had too much to say. I’ve mostly been observing. I’ve been looking at the social media movement and how it is starting to permeate business and its industries. It is hard for me not to see it as it has edged its way into my work and personal life for better or worse. I have a FaceBook and LinkedIn account, I am on Meetup.com and part of several technology networking groups, and finally have a social prospecting account on Jigsaw.com. While talking to many other people it is easy to also notice how it is filling their work and personal lives as well.

To that end, let me explain that the position in my company is Business Development. Ultimately it is a strategic sales position that affords me the opportunity to perform the typical tasks of a sales person; prospect, meet, qualify, etc. But prospecting is getting harder. People are not picking up the phone, so cold calling is a rough method of getting your foot in the door. But wait, Now I have Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup.com, and Jigsaw. WOW! Let me say this cold calling, fugetaboutit. Period. Social media, bring it on! Information on people is so readily available that if you are not using it, start today. Right now. Stop reading this blog and come back to it later after you have signed up for a few services. If you are using it. Good job.

So what does social media do for you? Well, first and foremost it keeps you from having to persuade the guy you are trying to reach to speak to you. He can speak to you or review your profile on his or her terms ad decide whether to make contact or not. You can reach out to him or her and it becomes more about community than “the approach.” It becomes a soft touch rather than a blind sided phone call…

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“The Long Tail of Ecommerce,” by Jack Jia (Ecommerce Times)
June 11, 2007 Jack CRM eCommerce eTailing General Marketing and Advertising

I know it has been a while since I’ve been here, but it’s also been a while since I have conjoured up anything worthy of writing about. Part of it is because I have been traveling quite a bit, and part of it is that the home life is a little hectic. No matter though. I came across an article this morning I thought worthy of linking back to. It seems it is good for those who would develop Ecommcerce solutions for SMEs, It would be good for the Small Business Owner looking to add Ecommerce or who has added an Ecommerce channel to their sales, and would be good for the Ecommerce software provider as well The artice is liked and titled “The Long Tail of Ecommerce,” by Jack Jia.

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Good Article on Measuring A Website’s Ability To Drive Offline Purchases For Small Businesses
January 4, 2007 Jack Directories eCommerce General Search

Here is a great piece of recent recent research by Nielsen/Netratings and WebVisible good for both Web based service providers who are providing their clients with e-commerce solutions or the small business person that is thinking of jumping online with a Web based store in addition to their brick and mortar establishment regarding “A Websites Ability to Drive Offline Purchases for Small Business.” I found it intriguing with a lot of new statistical information. Have fun.

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