Jack Brandt is a leading expert in channel development for organizations addressing the SMB. He has helped numerous organizations develop online sales channels for their Internet/cloud based services as an advisor and an individual contributor in domains, web hosting, cloud services, and local & hyperlocal search. He as worked directly with hosters, telcos, cablecos, YP’s and drectories, both on and offline to help achieve their goals. Jack Brandt is currently President of Mixed Media Ventures, LLC, and continues to help channel organizations better serve and market to their customers and clients.
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My 2009 “Not to do” list.
December 31, 2008 Jack Blogging eCommerce eTailing General General Small Business Small Business Social Networking Uncategorized

My personal business resolutions for 2009 are as follows.  They are high level and notice they are things I will NOT do.

In 2009 I will NOT:

  • Set unrealistic or unfair expectations of myself. Say, “yes” to everything without first assessing the emotional, professional, personal, karmic ROI.
  • Neglect to quickly give credit to the team.
  • Solely focus on short-term benefits unless it is a pathway to accomplishing long-term goals.
    Get complacent.
  • Count on anything before it is a reality.
  • Forget to network because it often benefits someone other than myself.
  • Stop critically thinking, but refrain from always shooting holes in others’ ideas.
  • Lose sight of the fact that I can replace my job but not my family.
  • Stress!

Reprinted from an email I received in my personal box, but the list struck me as one that I thought most people should ponder as we go into 2009.

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October 21, 2006 Jack Announcement General Uncategorized

j0396112.jpgI’ve noticed that I get to write a bit, and no one really comments on any of the “stuff” I seem to be writing… I urge any readers of this blog to feel free to register and comment on anything they feel important to them. Feel free to tell me that you may or may not agree with me and why. This Web Log isn’t just a venue to disseminate information into the blogsphere.

One of the main draws to a blog is to give the person or persons reading it the opportunity to have a voice in the community that is being heard… As a business person and as a consumer, I am sure there is something I can learn as well from the readers. It will also help me to be an active participant in my own conversations.

Also look out for my new article on Microsites coming in the next several days… Some interesting concepts in marketing your products and services.

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E-tailing primer for the SMB Web Host or (The rest of the title was unfortunately truncated)
September 29, 2006 Jack eCommerce eTailing General Uncategorized Web Hosting

ecommerce.jpgSo, it seems like six or so months since I’ve posted a blog article here. In fact it’s been seven months now that I am counting them… Yikes! Well, we’re full swing into fall as far as I am concerned. People are back full time from vacations and time off, and its time to focus on making money and growing your business again. And I am here to make a few suggestions on how to do that if I can.

Today’s post is going to be aimed towards the small Web Developer or Hosting company looking to increase business in their local or regional locale. It is the industry I am in so I’m looking to get back to my roots for the selling season. With luck you’re in my industry too.

I am in the channel. I’m in the channel in every way. My company also sells direct to the end customer. We have a retail division that struggles with the same things that the smallest company does all the time. I just happen to be in a good position to work with them as well, so that I can bring you some best practices from our neck of the woods, as well as what’s making money in other businesses as well.

I will be presenting ideas and thoughts in this document to help you to hopefully make more money, create greater stickiness, which in turn increases RPU and creates longer than average terms for you. This is my goal. To help you make more money one client at a time, and when you look back at your financials, with a little hard work, hopefully you will see exponential profits where you had not before.

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Server Upgrades
April 27, 2006 Jack Uncategorized

I will be going through server upgrades in the next couple days – so if the site is down, it will be back up after the new migration and DNS propagates… I should have everything settled hopefully no later than Sunday, April 30th if I hit a glitch…

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“Web Site” or “Web Hosting” for you to decide? Yes or No?
February 28, 2006 Jack General Uncategorized Web Hosting

Web_SitesWell, do you know what a small business owner wants? Do you? Don’t think I’m trying to provoke you. I’m not. I’m trying to invoke some thought. I want to take a look at just a couple of items that might help you sell more of your products and services.

For years now Web Hosting companies have been pushing, well, just that, Web Hosting. Then someone came along and said lets push Web Hosting with more space, more bandwidth, more email, and more widgets. “Yeah, let’s add more widgets because we have to compete with Joe and Sam’s hosting company.” They have more widgets than we do… And so on… Guess what? I say, “so what.” Who cares about all those features? Do you? I’m sure you do. It’s your job to keep up with Joe and Sam. But tell me, what is your value proposition if you are keeping up with Joe and Sam’s Hosting widgets and driving your pricing down at the same time depleting your profits?

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