Jack Brandt is a leading expert in channel development for organizations addressing the SMB. He has helped numerous organizations develop online sales channels for their Internet/cloud based services as an advisor and an individual contributor in domains, web hosting, cloud services, and local & hyperlocal search. He as worked directly with hosters, telcos, cablecos, YP’s and drectories, both on and offline to help achieve their goals. Jack Brandt is currently President of Mixed Media Ventures, LLC, and continues to help channel organizations better serve and market to their customers and clients.
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Getting Juiced Up, and Get Selling
August 11, 2009 Jack Blogging General Small Business Retail Small Business Web Hosting

I am at HostingCon 2009 this week.  There is a resounding theme.  Sales!  Yes Sales.  Not only the the kind of sales you are thinking of. i.e. Sell more Web Hosting services, sell more Value Added Services, and make more money.  No, no.  Sales of a much more important kind.  The type of sales that I have been preaching about for years as an attendee at shows like this as well as a speaker.  To preface this, I have never spoken at HostingCon.  However, the mantra I am hearing above the “cloud” buzz is Sales, and it is about time.  So, what kind of sales a are we discussing?  It’s simple really, and that is; helping your small business customers sell more of their services.  I say it is about time.  There are companies out there that I have known for years that have had this mantra.  But this year, this time, it is coming across in droves from sources I have not heard it from in the past.

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A big thanks to GearHost.com
December 28, 2008 Jack Blogging General General Small Business Small Business Web Development Web Hosting

I wanted to send out a big Thank You to Peter Radizeski who turned me to to GearHost.com during my VPS dilema last week.  Their platform seems to fit the bill for the needs of the project.  The platform connected immediatly to my developers toolset, and we should be well on the road to developing our application.  Not only did I sign up as a customer with GearHost, their CEO spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me explaining their platform.  After about 30 minutes on the phone with the CEO, I was confident that this platform would not only work as a development environement, but am about 95% sure this will be an excellent production enviroment as well.

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I’m upset, bootstrapping a startup, and VPS providers can be horrible!
December 23, 2008 Jack Announcement Blogging General General Small Business Small Business Web Development Web Hosting

I am bootstrapping a startup company, which will remain anonymous for the time being, however, I have to rant about a few things:

  • Horrible service from Web hosts
  • The inability to get services up and running, and not taking responsibility for their mistakes
  • The inability to try to save an account

First, I have been trying to buy a Windows based VPS for some development of a new product over the past three weeks.  What a horrible experience.  The first vendor I purchased a Windows VPS from is a hosting company which I believed would be a good fit. 

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peterrad on December 23, 2008

With all the hosting companies you know.... And with all the ISP's I know, I had email troubles this year big time. Just amazing! It's time to hire Secret Shoppers: http://radinfo.blogspot.com/2008/12/how-does-your-company-compare.html Guy Kawasaki on Customer Service: http://blogs.openforum.com/2008/12/17/the-art-of-customer-service/

Jack on December 23, 2008

Honestly, I am really surprised. I would have figured that many of these processes are mostly automated by now and that setting up a VPS is pretty routine. I have toyed with going into the hosting business time after time. The only reason I do not, is I do not have the time to do it right.

udelojf on December 23, 2008

I sure can appreciate all Jack expresses here. I believe it may be more of an issue with the PLESK and VIRTUOSSO providers interacting with the infrastructure and security of the company's network. I am actually the developer Jack is referring to here and I have had such a great experience with this provider that I am very surprised we had to go through this. And the attitude, oh my GOD, what a horrible customer support. Jovanky

jmckown on December 26, 2008

Companies that only provide these VPS servers on a large scale should offer better service than what you are describing. It IS a commodity service, though, so you definitely get what you pay for. IMHO there is no substitute for a REAL server that only you are on. God knows how many other sites and VPSs are on that box hogging resources, etc. I know that VPS has come a long way, but call me a critic. For our own mission-critical stuff, we only use standalone hardware systems with ONE OS on it, and no VPS setups. We need maximum performance without buying a giant server that can run many OSs. It also feels like that is putting more eggs into one basket. One area where I feel VPS is great is in creating failover and load balancing on very large computer and storage systems for ONE company. I'm sorry, but putting a ton of virtual OSs on one box for shared hosting is just scary and shady to me. I am sure you have your reasons for going after VPS, but I can't imagine even large hosts making a fortune on it. I have been wrong before.

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Should you consider creating an IPhone compatible Website?
August 17, 2007 Jack General Marketing and Advertising Portable Technology Small Business Web Development Web Hosting

Well some people think so.  In an article about optimizing your site for the IPhone on the WHIR (Web Hosting Industry and Review)  they discuss why it might be important for you, a few companies that are doing it, and how you might think about doing it… I thought it might be worth mentioning.

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Google Selling Domains, and the/my Hype
December 25, 2006 Jack Directories Domains General Search Web Hosting

Well, if you are a Web Hosting company, an ISP or anyone who resells domains as a loss leader or for a profit, you may have heard or even already looked at Google Apps for Domains and seen that they are now reselling domains through the two prominent registrars GoDaddy and Enom. This is really no surprise. Two of the largest registrars in North America working to build Market share.

While I am sure GoDaddy is hoping to build multiple registrations out of this deal to increase profit, I am sure Enom is also hoping to capitalize on the dropped names for their domain monetization business… Keep in mind this is only my opinion. And we know what opinion’s are like. Personally any registrar would be silly not to be knocking on Google’s door to sell domains if they can fit into the $10.00 domain and private registration(Whois masking) model. It is just good business if the registrar can get in there and make a profit. Google is giving the registrar another retail channel to capitalize on. The argument of course is does the domain business need another retail channel to purchase domains from in an already over-crowded marketplace? Google seems to think so. And, after trying to configure one of my own domains to Google Apps which includes Gmail for domains a couple months ago, even I had some issues configuring the domain for Google Page Creator, one of their free applications. If I were a layperson trying to do this, I would have been very frustrated. Registrations through accredited registrars will help with the auto configuration of the domain services for Google Apps.

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