Jack Brandt is a leading expert in channel development for organizations addressing the SMB. He has helped numerous organizations develop online sales channels for their Internet/cloud based services as an advisor and an individual contributor in domains, web hosting, cloud services, and local & hyperlocal search. He as worked directly with hosters, telcos, cablecos, YP’s and drectories, both on and offline to help achieve their goals. Jack Brandt is currently President of Mixed Media Ventures, LLC, and continues to help channel organizations better serve and market to their customers and clients.
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Getting Juiced Up, and Get Selling
August 11, 2009 Jack Blogging General Small Business Retail Small Business Web Hosting

I am at HostingCon 2009 this week.  There is a resounding theme.  Sales!  Yes Sales.  Not only the the kind of sales you are thinking of. i.e. Sell more Web Hosting services, sell more Value Added Services, and make more money.  No, no.  Sales of a much more important kind.  The type of sales that I have been preaching about for years as an attendee at shows like this as well as a speaker.  To preface this, I have never spoken at HostingCon.  However, the mantra I am hearing above the “cloud” buzz is Sales, and it is about time.  So, what kind of sales a are we discussing?  It’s simple really, and that is; helping your small business customers sell more of their services.  I say it is about time.  There are companies out there that I have known for years that have had this mantra.  But this year, this time, it is coming across in droves from sources I have not heard it from in the past.

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Everybody, and I mean everbody, sells something.
April 29, 2009 Jack Retail Selling Small Business

It is true.  Everyone sells something.  I don’t care if you are a landscaper, dentist, medical doctor, restaurant wait staff, etc.  Your job is ultimately to make a happy  customer out of someone and ensure that their money gets to your employer or bank.

Here is a great article by Ben Stein for you to read on the subject:  http://tinyurl.com/cygfdz

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Sales Commission: How to Develop an Effective Sales Compensation Plan
March 31, 2008 Jack Selling

by Alan Rigg

The most common question I hear concerning sales compensation goes something like this: “What commission percentage should I pay for _____________?”

I’m sorry, but there is just isn’t a “standard” answer to this question! Why? Because there are a huge number of variables that impact commission percentage calculations. Here are just some of the variables:

  • Products or services sold
  • Target markets
  • Target geographies
  • Target contacts (C-level, department manager, purchasing, etc.)
  • Sales environment (company office, home office, etc.)
  • Sales approach (telephone, in-person, etc.)
  • Company profitability
  • Individual product or service profitability

Despite the fact that there is no simple answer to the “What commission percentage should I pay?” question, determining the right commission percentage is not rocket science, either. There ARE specific questions you can answer that will lead you to the right commission percentage(s) for your company.

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Retail Sales People, Please Learn Sales 101!
March 3, 2008 Jack General Small Business Marketing and Advertising Retail Selling Small Business

So I was shopping this weekend with my fiancee. Not surprising news. However, I have to rant about retail sales people… This is one of my pet peeves. Let me take a step back though, and say that we all know the economy is in the toilet, right? That retail sales are down, right? Right.

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